If you would like to be a part of Mule Mania, but not sure where you fit in? You can always VOLUNTEER. You can donate your time to help make Mule Mania a memorable weekend for contestants, visitors, and town folk.

To make Mule Mania a continued success, we need energetic volunteers to volunteer a variety of tasks throughout and prior to the event. Mule Mania Dayton is a non-profit corporation with proceeds given back to local organizations and the business community.

One way this is accomplished is to seek support from the community and its clubs and organizations. In some instances, compensation may be made available to offset the hours and type work provided by a contributing organization or club. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in a truly community driven classic event please contact the Dayton Mule Mania Volunteer Committee by e-mail.

Volunteer Committee contacts

Look at the Sign-Up Form to see what work is required: Sign Up Form
Marvin Shutters: mkshutters@juno.com
Chamber Office: 509-382-4825

Become an Event or Committee Board Member

We would love to have more people in our community get involved with our Mule Mania Event by joining our Mule Mania Committee or become a Board Member. If you are interested please contact Bev Rising at brising@columbiainet.com