Chuck Wagons


Dinner at 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 1st, 2018

This is truly a unique experience. Authentic chuck wagons camp on the lawn outside the arena with cooks spending the day preparing a designated meal. During the day you can see how they prepare the meal using old fashion cooking methods with vintage western cooking tools. Then, in the evening, the dinner bell rings and ticket holders are able to savor the delicious food from these western treasures. Meals consist of meats, beans, potatoes, bread, and dessert.

Each chuck wagon and the meals it puts forth is graded by judges and awards are given out Saturday night following the meal.

Chuck Wagon Dinner Tickets:

Ticket information – To be decided (Information will be available soon)

Tickets can be purchased at the Dayton Chamber of Commerce office at 166 E. Main Street or call 509-382-4825 through Thursday, May 30th. On Friday and Saturday, tickets are only available at the Mule Mania Store at the Columbia County Fairgrounds.

TICKETS ARE LIMITED! Make sure you buy your tickets before they run out!